Wednesday, July 11


What was already really good got even better. I'm very excited to tell you that iStripper is presenting their latest version which features new functionalities, requested by the community, fixes a few bugs especially on Windows 10, gives us more freedom on discounts duration and value, and adds new cool graphical and sound effects.

To download the latest version you need to:
  • Open iStripper
  • Go to settings
  • click "check for updates" at the bottom of the page.
or simply download the new exe here: & run the install WITHOUT uninstalling the current version.

If you still don't have iStripper installed on your device this your chance to download it and see how amazing this app is. You'll have the most beautiful girls stripping on your desktop or other devices in no time. Give it a try

Ps.:We strongly recommend you to update to improve your user experience and take full advantage of upcoming promotions.

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